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iTero 3D Scanner

At Thompson River Dental, we use the iTero® 3D Scanner to take a detailed digital impression of your smile to create your custom Invisalign aligners. 

The Invisalign Treatment Process

What is iTero?

The iTero impression scanner takes accurate, 3D impressions of your teeth, gums, and bite. iTero allows us to adjust your Invisalign treatment in real-time, store data digitally, and show your expected results. 

The iTero Process

Using the intraoral scanner, our dentists are able to take a complete 3D scan of your mouth. We can display this image on the chairside screen to show you what your smile currently looks like from all angles. 

We then use iTero's Smile Simulator to show you a 3D rendering of what your smile could look once your treatment is complete. Your scans are also used to create your custom aligners.

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